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LWR offers a wide range of services:

    • Preventive and corrective maintenance on all Siemens F4 and X4 locomotives. (F1,F2 and F3)
    • Servicing of all European train protection systems.
    • Diagnostic services and data monitoring on locomotives both, in house and on distance.
    • Regular scheduled overhaul checks.
    • Replacement of bogies, traction motors, transformers and traction installations.
    • Parking and (accident) cleaning. LWR has a external pit specially dedicated for washing and inspection.
    • Renting out workshop space for one off jobs. (e.g. warranty, programming or upgrade jobs) LWR rents out workshop spaces for jobs which our out of her skill capacity or when you simply want to do something yourself.
    • Training of service engineers.
    • Mobile service / remote diagnostics. Being able to already see data even before the locomotive reaches the workshop helps us to fix problems faster once the locomotive is in house.
    • Start of lease / end of lease inspection
    • As build / as maintenance condition reporting.
    • Repairs and troubleshooting on location. Experienced mechanics can be sent on site to fix stranded locomotives.
    • Radio equipment
    • Firefighting system installation
    • Locomotive parking including video surveillance and monthly battery check



High Voltage Overhead Testing Facility

Unique in the Netherlands, LWR facilitates an overhead high voltage testing facility capable of producing voltages used on all European railway nets. Problems that for example would only occur on the German net, will now be caught in the workshop. These then can be immediately solved, reducing overall servicing time!

Spare Parts Availibility

LWR will have numerous spare parts on stock and for the other parts they managed to have agreed on short delivery times. Further LWR houses a warehouse in which several customers have the possibility to have their own stock available.

Underfloor Wheel Lathe

LWR possess over a state-of-the-art underfloor wheel lathe. The lathe uses probes and encoders to accurately determine various dimensions of train wheels. (Diameter, wheel flange height, etc) After consulting with the customer the operator uses the lathe’s cutting plate to trim material of the wheels. With doing this, the height, width, diameter and QR of the axis can be adjusted as desired. This whole process is without the need of dismounting the train axle. furthermore, one of the services we also offer is the maintenance of brake disks.



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