Our Vision


Having the freedom of starting a locomotive servicing company completely from scratch gives us the unique opportunity to do things different. We have sat down, looked at the existing market and thought by ourselves, “How can we be better?” and “what do customers actually want?” Fast forward a year and LWR was founded with these fundamental questions in mind. Maintenance and servicing with the highest quality and efficiency. The company excels in a few unique ways:


  • We have a young and dynamic working atmosphere within the company. We want to solve problems and explore new ways of doing things. Preventing “it has always been done like this” mentality.
  • The core team/backbone of our company exists out of people with decades of experience within the railway industry. However, next to this we have a very diverse workforce with people from all sorts of backgrounds. We have people from the tram and automotive industry, and even from the aircraft industry!
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  • We are always keeping an open ear out for our customers as their opinion matters the most. Their feedback is considered very valuable as we are always eager improve our overall quality of work.