Our Unique Selling Points

Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam

First time right

Repairing the locomotives with high quality service and in one strike. We have the possibility to test the locomotive at our workshop due to the testing system. Which can create any high voltage the locomotives use.


We guarantee availability in our workshop. Due to our fast service the customer will not have to wait days before the locomotive will be serviced.This will help the customer with keeping the locomotive on the tracks as much as possible.

Spare Part Availability

We have a short delivery time for the spare parts we need to do the maintanance to your locomotives. This due to having our own spare parts and the short delivery time from our suppliers.

Paperless Process

We are a paperless company which makes us faster and more thorough in our maintenance process. This leads to a higher quality of service to our customers.


Due to our paperless process we have a better overview of the workprogress which means the workload gets more predictable. This is leading to a better and faster way of communicating with our customers.

Future Proof Design

Due to the way our workshop is placed we have the possibility to add another workshop that would be connected to our parking tracks in the future. This will lead to an capacity increase.